First Place – AHU and HRU Installation

Project Info

  • Completed For

    City Housing of Hamilton

  • Consultant

    P Lim Engineering

  • Year


The First Place AHU Installation is one of KP&H shining projects completed in the past three years. The project was run by KP&H as a prime mechanical. KP&H was responsible for roofing, structural, interior remediations, electrical, controls, and the installation of a new 75,000CFM EngAir AHU and Remote HRU. The AHU came in 3 sections requiring the hoisting, placement, and connection of all 3 pieces. Demolition of the interior AHU and return fans were required. All ducting was completed on the roof with exterior aluminum cladding and placed on pre-engineered roof stands. New structural steel and roofing was required to place the new units on the roof.